Welcome to Dade County Farm Bureau (DCFB), Miami-Dade County’s oldest and largest agricultural organization. Dade County Farm Bureau was the first county Farm Bureau established in Florida. For over 72 years, the DCFB has been an integral part of the agricultural community, bringing farmers together to solve issues collectively. Dade County Farm Bureau has over 900 grower members, making it the largest agricultural organization in Miami-Dade County.


Happy Thanksgiving!
The Women’s Committee collected $2,000.00 from members of the Board as well as within the organization to provide well-rounded meals for 100 families.

Other South Dade-based organizations also contributed to this effort, including the Kendall/ South Dade Kiwanis Club, the Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, the GFWC Homestead Woman’s Junior Club, the Soroptomist Club, and the Homestead Rotary Club.

Due to the collaborative effort of all organizations involved, a total of 235 families were provided with Thanksgiving Turkey dinners across several of the Homestead Housing Authority’s centers. 


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